Disability Resolution

If you are having problems with an academic accommodation, the first step is always to promptly notify the Disabled Students Program (DSP), and in particular your DSP specialist if you have one.  If you are seeking an accommodation to participate in a campus event or program, call 643-6456. For information about disability access of the campus, see the Campus Access Guide.

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What Types of Disability Discrimination Complaints We Do

Disability Compliance does not generally review whether a DSP specialist has correctly assessed what specific accommodation(s) is/are appropriate for a student’s disability. These and other decisions made by the Disabled Students Program may be challenged through the DSP resolution process. Disability Compliance does review evidence that the Disabled Students Program failed to provide a prompt and/or equitable process for resolution of a complaint about a DSP decision.

Disability Compliance responds to disability discrimination allegations, such as that a Letter of Accommodation (issued by the Disabled Students Program) was not properly/timely implemented in the classroom or that a campus event or program is/was not accessible due to physical barriers or failure to provide a requested accommodation.

Please note that staff complaints about disability discrimination, including failure to accommodate, should be filed through Human Resources discrimination complaint process.

How to File a Disability-Related Complaint

To file a disability-related complaint, please send an email to esc@berkeley.edu   Include your contact information, and describe the accommodation problem or disability discrimination. Include the date and name of all persons involved, including any other campus officials to whom you have already reported the problem/discrimination.

File Your Complaint as Soon as Possible (no later than Six Months)

Tell us promptly! We prefer to receive complaints as soon as possible. If you wait longer than six months after the incident, we may not be able to assist. For complaints older than six months, we reserve the right not to accept the complaint if we feel too much time has gone by to make an investigation appropriate.

What Happens Next after Filing a Complaint?

If your complaint email is about a current/ongoing or anticipated failure to accommodate, we try to contact you within 48 hours of your sending us your first email to let you know as soon as possible what steps are being taken to address the problem.

If your complaint email is about a past failure to accommodate or past incident of disability discrimination, we are usually able to send you a reply email within one week. With respect to a complaint about a past failure to accommodate and/or a past disability discrimination incident, once your complaint email is received we begin gathering the important facts (making your complaint “complete”). In most instances within 30 days of when your complaint is complete, an email with a brief description of the critical findings of fact and notice of the conclusions will be sent to you.

What if You’re Not Satisfied with the Outcome?

After receiving an email with our findings and conclusions, if you are not satisfied you may explain why you feel the findings and/or conclusions are incorrect by sending an email. When appealing it is important to provide evidence (more than your personal opinion) to support your belief that the findings/conclusions were wrong. Your appeal explanation will be reviewed and a response sent to you within two weeks.